Rens in the news

"Concerned about their environmental impact, they couldn’t find sustainably made sneakers that are stylish and affordable. So they made some."
"Rens aims to create a fashion brand for young people around the globe with the goal of protecting the environment and sustainability values as the default conditions."
"Rens raised $550,316 from over 5000 backers from 107 countries around the world."
"These cool kicks are a fascinating blend of waste materials, put to good use."
"A step toward sustainability."
"Scientifically-proven and a green thumbs-up!"

100% waterproof

Footwear that fears no forecast. A coffee infused liner creates an impermeable seal that remains incredibly breathable.

Softer than eating a marshmallow on a feather bed.

Effortless style meets lightweight comfort. Minimalistic design, ultralight outsoles, and knit construction all add up to a serene sneaker experience. Heavy on features but feather-light on your feet.