Used Coffee grounds give your new favorite performance sneakers some serious features.

Moisture-wicking Quick-drying

Coffee’s unique structure pulls moisture away from your feet and dries 200% faster than traditional polyester used in most active footwear.

Protects you from the Sun.

NOMAD’s coffee material naturally shields you from harmful UV radiation while keeping colors vibrant longer.

Active Odor-control

Most active shoes stink. Literally. Coffee naturally traps unwanted odors to keep your NOMAD sneakers smelling fresh and odor free.

100% Vegan

Ethically sourced, cruelty-free and completely vegan to never weigh down your feet or your conscience.



Don't run from the rain. Run in it.

100% Waterproof Protection

Keeping you fresh and dry in any weather with our new AquaScreen 2.0 technology. Lightweight waterproof protection to go where you want, when you want. Made from recycled plastic bottles, NOMAD offers you the freedom to run, hike and explore—in any weather. Puddles beware.

Pushes air where you need it most.

Breathable SkyStep™ Sole

Do you hate feeling stuffy in your sneakers? We developed the SkyStepTM system just for you. Special channels push hot air out and away from your foot with every step you take. 
Experience cooler feeling runs, especially when you’re running hot.



Together with ClimatePartner, all emissions from every pair—from production to a warehouse near you—are calculated, reduced and offset via recognized offset projects.


Made from used coffee grounds and recycled plastic to build you a better sneaker and literally divert food waste and plastic from landfills while doing it.


Is NOMAD good for sports?

NOMAD is your perfect partner for running, jogging, hiking, or exploring the world at any speed you choose. Offering excellent support and responsive cushioning, NOMAD is also your ideal travel companion or comfort walking shoe. Plus, its waterproof barrier ensures that you never have to skip a beat when rain strikes.

Is NOMAD really waterproof and does it wear off?

Yes, NOMAD is 100% waterproof. Featuring a dedicated, breathable waterproof membrane, NOMAD blocks all liquid water from entering the shoe while allowing air and water vapor to move through freely. Made from recycled plastic, this barrier offers you the freedom to run, hike and move through any activity—in any weather conditions. Since NOMAD features a dedicated waterproof barrier, this function will last for its entire lifecycle and will not wear off like a chemical treatment or spray.

Is Waterproof different from Water-Repellent or Water-Resistant?

NOMAD is fully 100% waterproof. Unlike water-repellant, water-resistant or hydrophobic products, NOMAD can be fully submerged in water while keeping your feet completely dry. NOMAD features a fully-recycled and dedicated waterproof membrane while other products utilize chemical treatments or sprays. Since this is a physical barrier, this functionality will never wear off.

Waterproof? Does that make the shoe hot?

NOMAD features our new AquaScreen™ 2.0 technology. This dedicated waterproof membrane features nano-pores that allow air and water vapor to pass freely while locking out all liquid water. This provides comfortable and breezy waterproof protection so your active lifestyle never has to take a raincheck. In addition to our breathable waterproof membrane, NOMAD features our new SkyStep™ breathable midsole engineered to circulate air throughout the shoe for even more cool comfort when you are running hot.

Is NOMAD sustainable?

At Rens, we take sustainability very seriously. We founded our company to create unique and hyper-functional footwear that is supercharged with sustainable materials and fully vegan. NOMAD’s upper is made from a 50/50 blend of recycled polyester and coffee yarn that contains zero virgin material outside of a small amount of elastic in the ankle cuff and less than 2 grams of steel for the eyelets that secure the fully-recycled laces.

Coffee Yarn
Our signature coffee yarn helps cut the amount of methane-producing food waste that ends up trapped in our landfills while providing a material that is odor-fighting, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying.

Recycled Polyester
The polyester yarn that makes up the second half of our upper’s construction is made from plastic bottles. This material not only reduces the number-one source of plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways but also creates an incredibly durable textile that can stand up to any activity your athletic lifestyle can throw at it.

Waterproof barrier
The waterproof membrane that powers NOMAD’s breathable weather-proof protection is also 100% sourced from recycled plastic. This material creates a 100% secure barrier against water to keep your feet dry while reducing plastic pollution.

NOMAD’s performance-cushioned midsole is constructed from a low-density EVA foam with our new SkyStep™ technology which utilizes unique air channels that not only provide ventilation but also reduce the amount of material used in the production process. Additionally, our outsole is molded rather than die-cut to further reduce production waste.

Our full-traction outsole is made from non-synthetic all-natural rubber that is sustainably collected from our production partner’s own farm located near their facility. This rubber is harvested by scoring the bark on the tree and collecting the natural latex sap that emerges from the bark without harming the tree itself. This results in excellent grip and traction on any terrain without the need for any harmful petrochemical ingredients.

Climate Neutral
With the help of ClimatePartner, all of the climate emissions from every step of our project will be calculated and offset via recognized carbon offset projects.

Is NOMAD really climate neutral?

Yes, NOMAD is truly climate neutral. We founded Rens to change footwear for the better, both for your feet and our planet. That’s why we are proud to announce that NOMAD will be our first product that is completely climate neutral.

Here’s how:

Reduce and Avoid
We keep emissions low wherever possible by using sustainable materials, cleaner production methods and efficient eco-friendly shipping.

Unfortunately, not all emissions can be avoided. Together with ClimatePartner, we calculate the total climate emissions generated from production and until delivery to a regional warehouse.

These unavoidable climate emissions will be offset through recognized climate action projects such as reforestation, ocean plastic clean up, funding green energy projects, and more.

Be Transparent With You.
Every NOMAD customer will receive a verification of our Climate Neutral Certification from ClimatePartner and a link to track our climate action projects.

Is NOMAD vegan?

Absolutely. All materials, dyes, and adhesives are 100% vegan! No animals were harmed in the making of your favorite sustainable performance sneakers.

How do I care for and clean my NOMAD sneakers?

Stain treating your NOMAD sneakers.
To cut down on additional chemicals used, NOMAD only has a light, eco-friendly stain treatment applied to its upper. For those that choose any of the lighter colors and prefer to keep their sneakers perfectly spotless, feel free to use a waterproofing or stain treatment spray on their NOMADs. Please be sure to test this product on an inconspicuous or hard-to-see area before applying the full treatment to the sneaker.

Cleaning your NOMAD sneakers.
We recommend using a small amount of a standard, non-solvent-based detergent, and a clean cloth to wipe away any grime that won’t come off with a quick rinse and allow them to air dry. Additionally, a standard non-staining synthetic sneaker cleaner solution designed for athletic footwear will provide great results.As with the stain treatment section above, we recommend that you test any cleaning product or solution in an inconspicuous or hard-to-see part of the shoe.Note: Please do not use a washing machine and/or a dryer for cleaning the shoes. The agitation of a household washing machine or a dryer can damage the knitting of the upper and may negatively affect the positioning or effectiveness of the waterproof membrane.