How to Mint your Free RENS Meta-Hoodie

After purchasing a Rens hoodie, you will receive an email to claim your free NFT. Please follow the instructions below :

1.  The email will be similar to the screenshoot attached below. In gmail, it may likely end up in the promotions tab of the Inbox or in the Spam folder.

Claim Hoodie NFT step 1
2. Click on the Claim my NFT button.

If you DON'T have Metamask installed, you will be greeted with this page prompting you to install the Metamask wallet as seen below. Check out the video instruction on how to install, setup and connect your Metamask. NOTE: If you opened the link in a tab that doesn't have the Metamask extension installed like in an Incognito Window or in a different google account, you may also arrive on this page. Simply open the link in a tab where the Metamask extension is installed.

No Metamask installled

3. If you have already installed MetaMask, you will arrive at this page. Click on the button to connect MetaMask.

Connect your Metamask

4. This will open a pop-up window in Metamask extension where you are required to sign as seen below. You can also click on the Metamask Extension if the pop-up does not occur right away: 

Signatures required to connect Rens NFT site with Metamask

5. After this is completed, it may take few seconds (5 - 15) or more to see the changes on the page so please wait for this to be completed. You may have to repeat the steps 3 and 4 again if this change does not happen. Once it is done, you will be greeted with the page below.  Click on the GET MY NFT button.

Get my NFT

6. The minting will take a few seconds and once this is done, you will arrive at this page. Click on the VIEW MY NFT ON OPENSEA button.

See NFT in OpenSea platform

7. This leads to the open sea platform. See the screenshots below on how to connect your MetaMask wallet to OpenSea. Take note that you may not have to take this step if you already have an OpenSea Account connected to Metamask.

Connect MetaMask to OpenSea Wallet


Connect MetaMask to OpenSea

Connect with Metamask step 2

8. After successfully connecting your OpenSea account to MetaMask, you will notice the profile icon at the top-right may have changed(This is true for first time Open Sea users). Click on the button to see your profile.

OpenSea profile



9. Under your profile, You may see the Hoodie NFT under the hidden section. It will be revealed on the 28th April, 2022 8:00pm (GMT+3)). 

NFT under hidden section


10. (Optional) You can click on the three dots below the NFT to move into your collected section.

Unhide NFT

Rens Hoodie NFT now in collected section

Thank you for joining us into the Metaverse with this first RENS Meta-Hoodie NFT. If you do have any issues during any step of the process, please send an email to